5 Mobile Apps to Learn Indonesian Language

Learn Indonesian On The Go

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In this modern era we can learn foreign languages at ease with the use of technology at the comfort of our own home. The presence of language learning mobile apps on smartphones is very helpful in aiding our language learning, as it provides us with an alternative method to ‘revise’ or ‘practice’ our language learning effortlessly on a daily basis. All you need to do is download the apps on PlayStore or Apple Store, and keep up with your language learning habit for at least 5 minutes a day.

In the past, learning a foreign language face-to-face in a language school seemed to be the only way for one to acquire a new language. So fortunately for us, we can take advantage of this technological advancement to our benefits. Do you often find yourself spending a lot of leisure time staring at your phone screen?

Well, now you can turn some of those leisure times on your phone into productive ones by using some of it to learning a new language skill.

With so many language apps to choose from, continue on to read 5 mobile apps to learn Indonesian, in no particular order. All mobile apps mentioned here can be downloaded for free, but in order to use all the features each app offers, you may need to pay a subscription fee.

If you have some down time commuting, opening the app and getting some learning vocabulary words down should be an easy task to do.

1. Mondly

This app boasts 33 languages to choose from, including Indonesian, so no wonder that you may have heard this app from a friend or an acquittance of yours who is learning other foreign language than Indonesian. From the app’s interface, this app utilizes fonts that are contrast in colors and hence are very easy on the eyes to read. This app also has a sound feature that can read the words out loud, which is good if you are looking to learn pronunciation. Mondly has a better way to explain tenses as compared to other apps, the app also categorizes vocabulary and phrases into different topics. However like many language apps out there, Mondly is lacking in the aspect of teaching grammar and that there is no ‘structured’ lesson. It’s highly recommended in order to get the most out of this app to learn Indonesian, you need to at least know some basic Indonesian grammar and sentence structures.

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is widely known for its gamification experience that allows you to ‘level up’ and collect badges. This feature definitely enhances the language learning experience on the app and making your whole experience feels less like ‘learning,’ but more like ‘playing game.’ It is a great app to learn Indonesian in a fun, less conventional way. Duolingo focuses on language practices on word structure and word order. You will also get to do direct sentence translation practices on the app. As compared to Mondly, you cannot randomly pick what you learn based on topics that interest you, as you have to go through different structure level organized in the app. What makes Duolingo app fares better as compared to other language learning apps mentioned here is due to Duolingo’s language forum where you can post your language related questions and get answers from native speakers or simply fellow language learners. Just be mindful that the answers you get do not come from a qualified teacher/expert, so it can get confusing at times when you read the responses to your question. It’s always better to cross check and discuss with a qualified teacher/native friend.

3. Babbel

Babbel’s focus is to help you learn new words, grammar and sentence structures using a mixture of flashcards, fill in the blanks and multiple choice. It also has a nice voice synthesis feature just like Mondly, however the app does not have a language forum where you can post your language related questions. In terms of user friendliness, this app fares lower as compared to Duolingo and Mondly. Though you can learn Indonesian grammar and sentence structures with this app, it is pretty limited and it covers only the most basic Indonesian grammar and sentence structures. If you are an Indonesian language learner who are already at Intermediate level or higher, you may not benefit much from using this app to aid your learning.

4. Memrise

If you believe (and like) to use repetition as a method to learn new words and phrases, then Memrise will be a good app for you. Some people may find this method of using flash cards boring or think the approach is too child-like. The app also makes heavy use of mnemonics to help make the words stick in learner’s memory. Use of mnemonics is helpful when it comes to learn nouns or verbs, but not so much for learning grammar. With Memrise mobile app, you can also use its video tutorials from native speakers, including Indonesian. However because the courses are user-created, so the content and quality can vary significantly from course to course.

5. HelloTalk
The main feature that distinguish this app is its ability to connect you to native speakers. Use this app when you want to put what you’ve learned into practice. To get the most out of this app, it is recommended that you have learned some basics of Indonesian grammar and words. With Hello Talk you get to text and speak with native speakers, all from your mobile phones. This is great if you are looking for conversation / chat partner . By using this app you will most likely be exposed to popular texting abbreviations and internet acronyms in your target language, Indonesian, a different level of cultural exposure that you may not get from other language learning apps.

Time to Decide

When it comes to learning a new language, consistency is key. In order to achieve that, it is best to install 1-2 language learning app on your phone to fulfil your “5 minutes a day” language learning habit. Installing too many apps isn’t recommended as it may distract you from the sole purpose of learning and keeping your learning strategies as simple as possible.

In both free and paid version of language learning apps, you may still find several grammatical errors in some of the lessons. Hence it is important to note that learning Indonesian from a language learning app is useful to some extent, but it certainly is not a comprehensive tool for mastering a language. All language apps doesn’t really allow language learners to learn new words/phrases and grammar from various contexts. Get yourself a qualified native speaker-teacher to master Indonesian fast. Explore your options here.

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