Awesome Ideas for Learning Indonesian with Pictures

Learn Indonesian for visual learners

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Are you a visual learner? Do you think you process information that you can ‘see’ better and more effectively as compared to information that you ‘hear’ ? Do you prefer to look at diagrams, read books or watch videos to help you study? If you say yes to these questions, that means you’re a visual learner.

Once you identify what kind of learner you are, hone your learning approach to suit your learning style, so you can remember information more efficiently.

This article is dedicated to visual learners who are learning Indonesian. Here are some of our favorite ideas for adding visual to your language study:

(1) Illustrated Books

Illustrated books aren’t just for kids, although children’s books are a great place to start. “Mayur the Greedy and Arrogant Peacock” is a popular book about an arrogant peacock. The pictures are eye-catching. The text is simple and it also has English translations right below its Indonesian text, which will simplify your language learning effort – saving you a great deal of your time flipping through dictionary. Not only is it a perfect book for beginners, it also teaches a lot of everyday Indonesian conversation.

Another classic is “The Story of Timun Mas,” an Indonesian popular folktale from Central Java. The imaginative illustrations will draw the reader into this classic tale that teaches Indonesian moral values. This book is perfect for Indonesian language learners of all ages.

(2) Recipe Books

Pick any cuisine that you like. Even if you aren’t into cooking, recipe books are fantastic for expanding your vocabulary words and also grammar practice! They contain great examples of how to use conjunction in sentences, “lalu” (and then), “setelah” (after), and such. “150 Resep Sajian Cepat Segar Buah dan Sayuran (Indonesian Edition)” is a recipe book for both appetizer and dessert made from vegetables and fruits. Perfect choice if you’re into healthy eating habit.

Do you like pizza? There’s also recipe book for that in Indonesian:

These two cookbooks by Lilly Erwin are both methodical and easy to follow. The recipes are explained in a simple way and the gorgeous photos will give you an idea of what your finished dish should look like. And of course, if you’re into Indonesian cuisine, you’ll be even more spoilt with recipe book choices you could choose from.

(3) Comics

We’re not just talking about traditional print comic books. There is a wealth of online comics too, and yes, in Indonesian language. Head over to or .

On either website, you will find many interesting and popular Japanese Manga with all the conversations translated into Indonesian. If you already have your favorites, read them in your native language first, then read the Indonesian version you found on or so that it will be easier for you to figure out what the conversations are all about. The dialogue found in comics is a great way to learn conversational phrases. This approach will appeal to those who want to brush up on casual Indonesian.

(4) Flashcards

Flashcards are portable, quick, effective and inexpensive memory tool. You can use them on the go or in bed. You can pin them on the fridge to help you memorize vocabulary, which means you can have multiple opportunities to study! Using flashcard method also allow you to learn a large number of words in a fairly short period of time.

Eliminate the arduous task of creating and organizing your cards into a coherent deck of vocabulary words with these ready to print flashcards. These two sets are our top picks. They are ready to go and are in form of digital downloads, meaning you can print them over and over shall you ever need them in the future.

Indonesian Flashcards

This most common Indonesian English words bundle consists of 100 most common Verbs, 100 most common nouns, 100 most common adjectives and 100 most common adverbs. This highly versatile set will allow you to take your vocabulary learning further by trying to form sentences using the words you’ve learned. Click on the picture above to see the details, or click here.

Indonesian flashcards

This Indonesian flashcard set consists of 15 most common topics ranging from clothes vocabulary words to fruits to body parts. Packed with beautiful visuals, memorizing words can’t be any easier, as you can associate the words with the pictures that you see. This flashcard pack also comes with the picture only cards that will allow you to play memory game with your peers! Click the picture above or here to find out more.

(5) Photo-Based Video Lessons

Learn Indonesian with pictures on Youtube. Do you understand what that means? That means not only you’ll get to learn Indonesian vocabulary words with pictures, you’ll also get to hear how the words are pronounced correctly by a native speaker.

This playlist below is a series of photo-based video lessons designed to improve the listening, vocabulary, and speaking skills of learners of Indonesian. The best part? Each video is less than 5 minutes long. Check it out. We promise you, our dear visual learner friends, will LOVE this playlist!


So there you go, friends.

5 fantastic ways to learn Indonesian for visual learners like yourself. Above all, remember that when it comes to achieving the fluency level you desire, consistency is the key. Spare 5 minutes a day is sufficient, as long as you do it consistently. Enjoy your learning journey! We, Think Bahasa team, are rooting for you!

Know anyone else who’ll be benefited from reading this article? Share this post! Let’s help another Indonesian language learner out there.

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