Best Indonesian Learning Books For Kids

best indonesian books for kids

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Looking for Indonesian Learning books for kids?

If you have a child learning Indonesian, doesn’t matter which part of the world you are, the most important thing you need is good Indonesian resources! Fortunately with globalization, now getting good quality Indonesian books with activities and lessons to help your kids learn Indonesian isn’t as hard as it was a few years ago.

We now even can find and buy online many activity-based books as well as curriculum-based books for every Indonesian level of learning. Some books can be catered towards reading, writing, grammar or all of them above. Using text and activity books at home and in the classroom is both helpful in a child’s growth for Indonesian learning.

Not fluent in Indonesian? Don’t worry. These books we are going to recommend are bilingual, so in a way you can also ‘read’ this book and learn Indonesian alongside with your children.

Here is a list of 5 Indonesian Learning Books for Kids who are beginner Indonesian speakers, that you can find in both ebook and paperback formats.


First Indonesian Words (Fruits & Animals Edition) is a great bilingual picture book for children to learn Indonesian words by exploring colorful illustrations of fruits and animals.

This is a great book to introduce the Indonesian alphabet and pronunciation. The learning activities are great for kids to review Indonesian vocabulary words that they have learned from this book.


My First 100 English Indonesian Words Bilingual is another must-have for young readers. In this book, there are 100 beautiful illustrations of food, animals, toys, and more that children will recognize from their own lives. Each image is accompanied by its text label in English and Indonesian, written with large and distinct letters. This book is a great help to implement a bilingual vocabulary and teach visual words in both languages.




Keong Mas is a popular Javanese folktale about a beautiful princess who was cursed and became a golden snail. The story teaches the power of kindness, and is an all-time Indonesian children’s classic. The text of this book is written in two different languages, Indonesian and English. The Indonesian sentence appears above the English sentence in classic bilingual text.

Spend time reading with stress-free, fully translated free bilingual books. Bilingual books such as this one elevate Indonesian practice reading, emphasizing entertainment and story by making the reading process more fluid. Gain tons of Indonesian language skills – and have your soul touched, too. What’s not to love?

Carefully curated to make learning Indonesian easy, this book also includes key features, such as: Activity pages, answer keys, and also a glossary with nearly 200 most frequently used words.

Parents can use this book as a bedtime storybook, or as a read-along book. Engage young children with beautiful visuals and engaging lesson activities found in this book.


Mayur the Greedy and Arrogant Peacock is one of the books in the Indonesian Animal Storybook series. Mayur is the most beautiful peacock in the Jungle of Swarga, who is too proud and greedy for his own good. This moral story helps children to understand the meaning and importance of humility.

With storybooks your children’s brain can make a connection between the meaning of the word and its written form. The visual aid means new words are likely to be memorable. Hence this bilingual storybook is actually perfect for readers of all ages.

Not to mention, this book also includes activity pages and answer keys that will make learning Indonesian fun and engaging for kids!



If your children happen to love bunnies, this book will be the perfect choice! Annabell and Her 5 Rabbits is part of a series. In this first book, it explores the adventures of Annabell’s 5 pet rabbits when Annabell is not around. Each line of this story is translated into English directly for easy comprehension.

Having the English version of the text as a companion makes it much easier to make deductions and understand the meaning of each paragraph. It’s also quite effortless to find the translations you’re looking for if you don’t understand a sentence; just look at the paragraph next to it! It makes the whole language-learning reading experience much more fluid and enjoyable.


In Summary..

Do you have a favorite Indonesian English bilingual book you’ve gotten your hands on? How do you / your children like learning Indonesian with it? For beginners, we always like to recommend to start with bilingual books. The reason bilingual reading works so well is that it allows you to understand the language you’re reading.

If you are interested to stay updated on the latest Learning Indonesian books and bilingual education, head over to for more tips and recommendations.

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