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Proper time management is one of the most important attributes to have in today’s frenzied environment. Some students aim to have as little class time as possible during the week, and register accordingly, whereas others register merely in hopes of acquiring the classes they need to graduate, having little care what times those may be. However, most, if not all students of Bahasa language must reluctantly accept the fact that lectures that are usually beyond 1.5 hours at a times are very exhaustive and unproductive.

Most language learning institution do not put their students into consideration before fixing the time for lectures. We need to understand that students are the most important people when it comes to the learning environment. After all they are the people that give meaning to learning. The comfortability of students will go a long way to how effective the tutor’s lecture will be. After a long day, people want to learn for just few minutes and get back to their house. When students know the lecture won’t last longer than 1.5 hours, they tend to give their full attention to it, this is only when the tutor will be able to pass the knowledge effectively. We understand the nature of our students that is why we fixed a lecture time that best suits them.

Ideal courses for our students are fixed in a way that, they can attend them after work, no matter the nature of the job or how stressed they may be that day. We do not only understand time management, but also stress management. So our courses are fixed with utmost consideration.

We, Think Bahasa team, apply NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) methods in our approaches to teach our students Indonesian. We also take into consideration various learning styles – visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetics, to effectively teach our students in a way that feels naturally effortless to our students. On top of our in classroom teaching, we also offer the maximum support for our students to advance their Bahasa Indonesia language skills outside their classroom experience by providing various channels of additional learning for free. Our learning videos on Youtube is best for auditory learners, our Facebook Group exists for the purpose of answering any questions from our students – questions that can be technical such as grammar structure, to simple ones such as what is the slang word of “XXX”. Practicing is the key when it comes to learning a language and for that reason we also host a Bahasa Indonesia conversation club where our students can practice their Bahasa Indonesia skills with Bahasa Indonesia native speakers.

Our vision to help our students EFFECTIVELY reach the fluency level they are aiming for is what keeps us going.

The way our courses are scheduled at Think Bahasa makes it easy for students to assimilate easily. Some important terms like not holding lectures lasting for more than 1.5 hours made us stand out amongst the rest. We acknowledge the importance of quality and balance when it comes to our teaching practices. Most language students would agree that attempting to process information after 1.5 hours is hard. In an article entitled ‘Why Long Lectures Are Ineffective,’ written by Salman Khan, a writer for Time Magazine, he describes how people’ focus wane if there is not at least a three to five-minute period of rest. After 15 minutes, most people are entirely zoned out. Khan writes that the Internet can help divide prolonged lectures into smaller sub-sessions outside of the classroom.

Most Think Bahasa students are working already, who probably have all their day busy at work, each of one of them has different nature of jobs and still want to attend classes to learn Bahasa language. Imagine how stressed out they will be when they get to class, delaying such students for more than 1.5 hour of lecture is like killing them bit by bit. Holding them down for long lecture seems to be unnecessary, especially for those who have come from a long distance or those with an urgency to return home. Returning home from a long day of classes late at night leaves almost no time for a student to complete homework assignments before having to rest up for another demanding day of attention.

Some teachers see long hour lectures as a good opportunity to cover ground, some even hold night classes of about 5 hours of lecture at length, however, it may sound sweet and there may be enough time to cover a lot, but such lectures are not effective as majority of students will not get what the lecture taught them due to fatigue.

Are your Bahasa Indonesia lectures droning on? Try Think Bahasa’s program and you won’t regret you made the choice. We are known for teaching Indonesian effectively and strategically in a way that will enable students to retain most practical information to succeed in their language learning goals.

Are you ready to master Bahasa Indonesia effectively and effortlessly? Click here.

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