I want to learn Indonesian. How can I proceed?

You’ve found us! That means you’re off to a great start. Navigate our website and our free resources to get you started.

How long does it take to learn Indonesian?

This depends. First determine your goal. Is your goal to achieve beginner conversational level (able to form simple sentences)? Intermediate level (complex sentences)? Advance level (able to understand cultural jargons and slangs)? Also ask yourself: how much time do you think you can dedicate yourself to learn? Another aspect to consider: do I have the necessary resources to get me to where I want to be, in terms of my language goal, faster?

Can I master Indonesian by myself?

Just like mastering any other skills, definitely one can master Indonesian by himself/herself given the plethora of resources out there.

How do I decide when taking classes is a good decision for me?

Learning a language with the help of a language teacher will help you to fast track your learning progress. A language teacher can help to guide you, pinpoint your mistakes as well as give you advice on how to learn a language concept in a way that is easy to understand and effective. Think of it like getting a personal trainer. Having a language teacher will get you to your goal faster minus the headache to figure out what resources/methods will work for you.

How to improve my Indonesian?

In learning a language, you can always improve yourself in these aspects: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It’s highly recommended to be well rounded on those 4 aspects.

What does it take for me to learn Indonesian?

Your commitment to consistently learn Indonesian. 30-60 minutes a week is an ideal. Consistency is the key.

What’s the recommended duration for Indonesian classes?

For both kids and adults, it’s 60 minutes for maximum efficiency. At Think Bahasa we are well known to teach our students effectively in a shorter period of time as compared to other language classes out there.

Do I have to learn Indonesian grammar?

Definitely. It’s not difficult to begin with, especially if you are an English native speaker or if you are a fluent English speaker.

Is Indonesian grammar difficult?

Indonesian grammar is not difficult from native English speakers’ standpoint. Most of the times you can do literal direct translation word per word. Not to mention that  Indonesian scripts are also written in Latin, just like English.

What do I need to start learning Indonesian?

A good teacher and a good resource to learn Indonesian. Everyone would need a customised language learning program to some extent to suit their needs and goals. Contact us at hi@thinkbahasa.com to ask for our recommendations.