Grocery Shopping Vocabulary List in Bahasa Indonesia

grocery shopping list in Indonesian

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Do you do your own grocery shopping while living in Indonesia?

Or do you ask your maid to do it for you? Regardless of whom does your grocery shopping, it becomes a necessity to know the vocabularies related to groceries in Bahasa Indonesia so you can ensure that you use the correct words when you are instructing your maid to buy certain items, as well as when you are asking the grocery shop assistant which aisle store which product.

Is there any word that you commonly use that you don’t find on the list above? Let us know! And if we somehow make your grocery shopping in Indonesia easier, please let us know too! We love to hear from you!

At Think Bahasa we are passionate in making learning Bahasa Indonesia an easy and efficient process. We make your language learning goals, our goal!

Hope that this grocery shopping list is helpful for you one way or another.

If you would like to hear how those words in the list should be pronounced in Indonesian, be sure to check out our learning video below:

If you are interested to learn Indonesian words on different cooking terms (i.e. grilled, fried, boiled, etc), check out the learning video right here:

If you think you will be benefited from our learning videos, be sure to check out our Youtube channel where you can learn phrases in various situations, as well as practice your listening skill and your pronunciation of each word.

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