Is Bahasa Indonesia an easy language to learn?

learn easy beginner Indonesian

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Bahasa Indonesia increasingly has gained popularity as one of the easiest foreign languages to learn, especially for English speakers. Have you thought and considered to learn Indonesian?

Continue on reading to find out on what aspects make Indonesian an easy language to learn!

Indonesian alphabets are written using Roman alphabets

This is huge if your native language is also written using Roman (also known as Latin) alphabets. Memorizing vocabulary words will come easy, and hence will make you to progress in your learning faster.

Indonesian is a NOT tonal language

Can we say just breathe a sigh of relief for now? Once you mastered how to pronounce A-Z in Indonesian, the way you’d read or say Indonesian words is exactly like how the words are written out. Just pronounce them Indonesian way. Just a little tip: pay attention on the vowels. Many consonants in Indonesian is pronounced similarly, if not the same, like in English.

Bahasa Indonesia has no difficult tenses

Is Bahasa Indonesia an easy language to learn? Yes indeed. Let’s compare it to English. For instance, when you want to say “I go to school” is: “Saya pergi ke sekolah” while “I went to school yesterday”, then you add the translation of the word “yesterday” into the sentence. “Yesterday” is “kemarin” in Indonesian. Hence “saya pergi ke sekolah kemarin” means “I went to school yesterday”. What if you want to say “I am going to school tomorrow” ? Just add the word “tomorrow,” which is “besok” into your sentence. So “Saya pergi ke sekolah besok” is: “I am going to school tomorrow.” Easy peasy.

Bahasa Indonesia has no regular or irregular verbs

There is no such regular or irregular verbs in Bahasa Indonesia. So, you can easily learn the Bahasa Indonesia grammar and memorize it instantly. When you learn English, you have to remember and memorize some irregular verbs and they could be challenging at times. For instance, when you want to say “saya makan setiap hari” in English, you have to say “I eat every day”. But, if you convert your sentence to past tense, you must change the word “eat” into “ate”. Meanwhile, the word “Makan” in Indonesia does not need to be changed, but you only add the word “kemarin” behind the text. This rule of not having to worry about regular vs irregular verbs always applies, which then making creating sentences in Indonesian becomes easy. So, when you want to say “I ate rice yesterday”, then you only have to add the word “kemarin” into the sentence: “Saya makan nasi kemarin”.

Bahasa Indonesia has no gender rules

When you learn French or Spanish, you know there are some masculine or feminine nouns. For some of the words there are sometimes no logical explanation as to why some considered masculine and some others feminine, you just need to memorize them they way they are, one by one. Such masculine vs feminine noun, does not exist in Indonesian language.

It is not difficult to remember Indonesian words

Many of the Indonesian words are borrowed from English & Dutch. So if you are fluent in one of those languages, memorizing nouns especially may come fairly easy for you. Some of those words are: “bamboo” in Indonesian is bamboo (pronounced the same way as it is in English), film (film),  access (akses), acting (acting), aquarium (akuarium), ballon (balon), bomb (bom), calendar (kalender), glass (gelas), ice (es), lamp (lampu), motivation (motivasi), and much more.

In Summary

So there you go: 6 reasons why learning Indonesian is not difficult. Bahasa Indonesia does not have irregular verbs, tenses, and other difficult grammar concept as you can find in some other languages. The fact that the alphabets are written using Roman alphabets and that it is not a tonal language should take a big stressor learning factor out of your mind. Now the question is, what is your game plan? What do you plan to do to get you started? Click here and find out on how you can fast track your learning journey.

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