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Learning Indonesian intuitively sounds effortless, and do you know what’s the secret to do exactly just that? It is to learn Indonesian (a language) like a child would.

In order to be able to speak Indonesian effortlessly, you need to rewire how you look at things and learn, and think yourself as a child.  To learn Indonesian intuitively is the best way to learn Indonesian effectively.

When discussing the technique of learning a new language, it is clear that children learn in a different way than adults. Children learn languages and other skills for that matter, in a natural way through imitating what they see and hear, and by using their intuition, which allows them to know what is correct.

Very simply, children learn primarily by “copying” what they hear. Children watch television and listen to their parents, and they learn Indonesian very well. Parents that read to their children will often find their child’s vocabulary increasing instantly. This “copying” approach allows children to learn even the proper inflection and speech emphasis when they speak in addition to the rules of the language (grammar).

Though you may be learning Indonesian as an adult, you should not underestimate the power of children’s television programs and books because those mediums can create an environment where language and cultural immersion are to take place. The typical child watches many daily cartoons and read many storybooks during his or her young life. In that way children are continually listening, reading, absorbing and internalizing Indonesian in their daily lives. This is how children also learn their accents, much in the same way that a parrot mimics a human.

A three-year-old do not study grammar books. They copy what they hear, read and see. Copying allows intuitive learning that lasts a lifetime. Children never forget their vocabulary because they learn it intuitively and use it naturally and confidently. If you are interested to dig into this intuitive learning method, learning Indonesian like a child would, you may want to consider incorporating children’s storybooks and cartoons as part of your learning resources. There are some Indonesian folktale stories available in both storybooks and cartoons that suit to be of help on this aspect. To learn more about Indonesian folktale stories suitable for beginner Indonesian, you can click on the link below.

Indonesian folktales

Second point on being able to learn Indonesian intuitively, you must always remember that children do not hold back when practicing what they know. This is one of an important key to succeed when it comes to speaking Indonesian. Be like a child, be fearless. Children make mistakes and they learn from them. When children enter kindergarten, they are usually very talkative and have little or no fear of saying what is on their minds. They never consider embarrassing themselves. They are confident in themselves – their ability to communicate and in their language. As an adult, in order to succeed thinking and learning in Indonesian intuitively, we must learn to tune in to our spontaneity and intuitiveness, back like when we were kids.

Speaking about being fearless, we would like to encourage you to take advantage of internet. Using the internet, seek out opportunities to practice your Indonesian. You can search out sites like Meetup.com, for example, where you can find various groups in their geographical areas that meet to discuss a variety of subjects. For your purpose to master in Indonesian, try to search an Indonesian conversation club. If you happen to live in Singapore, consider yourself lucky because Think Bahasa is hosting a regular meetup for Indonesian language learners. Be sure to register yourself using the link below.

Indonesian Language Conversation Club

Singapore, SG
247 Members

You should join this group if you are: * Indonesian native speakers, or * Bahasa Indonesia Language Learners!For Bahasa Indonesia Language Learners: Have you attempted to lea…

Check out this Meetup Group →

If you find that in your geographical area there is no Bahasa Indonesia conversation club kind of thing, well, turn to this universal tool we all know as the Internet. Connect with likeminded individuals on Bahasa Indonesia Language Learners Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bahasaindonesialearningclub/

The internet is such an indispensable tool for savvy Indonesian language learners. One can easily see and find the many ways to culturally immerse yourself into both the Indonesian language and the Indonesian culture via the Internet. You do not need to physically move to Indonesia to “experience” Indonesia. Technically now that learning Indonesian has become very accessible, you have no excuse as to why you keep postponing to start learning Indonesian today!

Instant Indonesian Immersion at Your Home

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