Vocabulary Review


  • Kucing : Cat
  • Wortel : Carrot
  • Hewan : Animal
  • Daging : Meat
  • Tikus : Mouse
  • Ikan : Fish
  • Tanaman : Plant
  • Kelinci : Rabbit
  • Makanan : Food


  • Mencoba : Try
  • Memberi : Give
  • Makan : Eat
  • Menjelaskan : Explain
  • Sadar : Realize
  • Mengambil : Take

Tips and Notes

Improve your Indonesian listening skills with fun and ease.

How this comprehension video is structured: each video will have 2 parts. The first part of the video will only have visual illustrations and audio. The second part of the video will have subtitles in Indonesian AND also an English translation. It is designed as such so that learners can check their comprehension skills AND understanding of Indonesian sentence structures on the second part of the video. Learners can also stop the video anytime they wish, if needed, when taking notes.

There are many ways for you to make the most out of this online comprehension practice. First of all, because this listening practice set is a self-paced program, you’ll get to determine how much time you want to dedicate each week. Remember that consistency is the key. Dedicating at least 15 minutes a week is highly recommended.

First recommended approach: You can start with memorizing vocabulary words listed on the top section of each lesson before you begin your listening practice. Then, press play on the video. While the video is playing, you have the option to pay attention to ONLY the audio, or both the audio and the visuals. The visuals will definitely help you to make meaning of the words and sentences being said and give you a general understanding of what the video is all about.

Second recommended approach: (Recommended to those with an intermediate or advanced knowledge of Indonesian) You can immediately press play on the video and test your comprehension skill right away. With the help of animation you’d see in this video, you can try to guess the meaning of words you don’t know based on the context. Then on the second part of the video, you can check your guesses along with your comprehension, with the help of the video’s subtitles and translation.

TIPS: A big part of listening Indonesian is understanding the correct sentence structure. Focus on stressed key words to understand the most important information in this video.

Video “Kucing Nadia”


(Indonesian Text)

Nadia mencoba memberi kucingnya wortel, tapi kucingnya tidak mau makan. Ibu Nadia menjelaskan bahwa kucing tidak makan wortel. Dia menjelaskan bahwa hewan jenisnya ada tiga. Ada hewan yang makan daging hewan. Ada yang makan tanaman. Ada juga yang bisa makan keduanya. Kucing hanya bisa makan daging hewan, seperti tikus dan ikan. Contoh hewan yang hanya makan tanaman, seperti wortel, adalah kelinci. Nadia sadar bahwa dia memberi makanan yang salah. Nadia lalu mengambil ikan dari dapur. Kucing Nadia sangat suka dengan ikan. Sejak saat itu Nadia tidak pernah memberi makan kucingnya wortel lagi.


(English Translation)

Nadia tried to give her cat a carrot, but the cat wouldn't eat. Nadia’s mother said that cats do not eat carrots. She explained that there are three kinds of animals.  Animals that eat animal meat. Animals that   eat plants and animals that eat both. Cats can only eat animal meat, such as mice and fish. Examples of animals that eat only plants such as carrots, are rabbits. Nadia realized that she gave the wrong food. Nadia then took the fish from the kitchen. Nadia’s cat really likes fish. Since then Nadia has never fed her cat a carrot again.