I have taken Bahasa Indonesia class in 2 other places before
and Think Bahasa is the best. The teachers here have a very
structural approach when it comes to explaining Bahasa
Indonesia concept catered to English native speakers.



Excellent class! A very useful introduction to Bahasa Indonesia. Loved the style of teaching and the le. I’m very lucky to have chosen Think Bahasa service for I have gained a lot in such a short period of time. I am going back to look into taking more classes!


Business owner

I had a 3 month of intensive lesson with Think Bahasa and it was all I need. The teachers worked with me to ensure all aspects of my language improved. The approach is relaxed yet professional at the same time with the use of real life teaching materials ensuring that the content is realistic and relevant. Highly recommended!

Leonard Kang

Human Resources

I took a private lesson and I love that my instructor (Ms Maria) put in so much effort to prepare and taught me at my pace – it’s the only reason I can speak Bahasa right now. I will always be grateful to have someone so kind-hearted to have taught me. I had so much fun in the process too!


IT Sales Specialist